Basic Computer (New)


1. Basic Computer Course Hindi| Computer Basic Knowledge | Computer Class Day-1| Computer kaise sikhe-1
2. Computer Hardware and Software Hindi | Input Output Device |System Software |Computer Basic Course-2 
3. How to use Mouse | Mouse ka use kaise karte hai| Computer Mouse Information| Computer Basic Course-3 
4. Computer Keyboard in Hindi | Keyboard All Keys Details | Computer Basic Course |On Screen Keyboard-4 
5. MS Paint in Computer in Hindi |MS Paint Drawing Step by Step|Computer Basic Course|Mocrosoft Paint-5 
6. MS Paint Basic in Hindi|Draw in MS Paint| Basic Computer Course| Microsoft Paint Complete Tutorial-6 
7. MS Paint for Beginners|Basic Computer Knowledge| Microsoft Paint Tutorial in Hindi|File & View Tab-7 
8. What is Notepad in Computer| Notepad kya hota hai| Notepad Class-1 |Basic Computer Course in Hindi-8 
9. Notepad in Computer| Notepad Basic Tutorial in Hindi| Notepad Class-2 |Basic Computer Course Hindi-9 
10.Notepad Basic Tutorial in Hindi | Microsoft Notepad | Notepad Class-3 |Basic Computer in Hindi-10 
11.Basic Computer Course Knowledge in Hindi| Windows 7 kaise chalaye| Windows 7 Chalana sikhe| Class-11 
12.Create Folder and File in Computer| Computer me File & Folder kaise banaye| Basic Computer Course-12 
13.Create New Folder in Computer| Cut Copy Paste Move File Folder in Computer| Basic Computer Course-13 
14.Recycle Bin in Computer| How to Restore, Recover Deleted Files in Computer |Basic Computer Course-14
15.Change Date and Time in Computer|Set Date and Time| Calculator in Computer| Computer Basic Course-15 
16.Change Wallpaper in Computer |Computer me Wallpaper, Screensaver kaise change kare|Basic Computer-16 
17.Basic Computer Course Hindi | Create Shortcut of Program, Pin Program/File in Taskbar in Computer-17 
18.Clean C Drive in Windows| Make Laptop Computer Faster|Computer Speed kaise fast kare|Disk Cleanup-18