ICICI Bank Tutorials


01.How to login for the first time and set password & user ID in ICICI internet banking? (Hindi)
02.How to reset forgotten user ID of Internet Banking in ICICI bank? (Hindi)
03.How to reset/retrieve forgotten login password of ICICI internet banking? (Hindi)
04.How to check account balance & view/download account statement, mini statement in ICICI INB? (Hindi)
05.How to view & download e-statement of your ICICI bank account using ICICI internet banking? (Hindi)
06.How to reset/change the login password of ICICI internet banking account? (Hindi)
07.How to add same bank payee using ICICI INB? ICICI me same bank payee kaise add kare? (Hindi)
08.How to add other bank payee using ICICI INB? ICICI me other bank payee kaise add kare? (Hindi)
09.How to transfer funds to your own or to other ‘s ICICI account using ICICI INB? (Hindi)
10.How to transfer funds to other bank account using ICICI Internet banking? (Hindi)
11.How to delete payee from ICICI internet banking? ICICI INB se payee kaise delete kare? (Hindi)
12.How to open a Fixed Deposit account in ICICI using internet banking?ICICI me online FD kaise khole?(Hindi)
13.How to open a Recurring Deposit in ICICI using internet banking? ICICI me online RD kholna? (Hindi)
14.How to recharge prepaid mobile or data card with ICICI internet banking? (Hindi)
15.How to recharge DTH
16.How to pay postpaid mobile bill, electricity bill, insurance premium etc.
17.How to Close Fixed Deposit Before Maturity
18.How to close Recurring Deposit Account Before Maturity