MS Excel 2007


02.Autofill Series of Numbers, Day, Month & Date
03.Inserting Rows, Columns, Cells & Worksheet
04.Changing Size Of Rows & Columns
05.Finding Average, Max, Sum, Multiplication, Subtraction & Division
06.Sorting Data & Using Filter Function
07.How to Insert Pivot Table & Chart
08.Merging Cells & Use Of CountIf Function
09.Using IF Function & Finding Percent
10.How to use IF Function
11.Using Conditional Formatting & Data Formatting
12.Using Format as Table, Freeze Panes & Page Setup
13.How to Print Preview and Taking Print
14.Using Combine Formulas & Increasing or decreasing decimal
15.Text Wrapping & Moving Data
16.Removing Errors
17.Shortcut Keys
18.Use Of CountA, Countif Function
19.Using Consolidate Function
20.Using Scenario Manager
21.Using PMT Formula & Goal Seek Function
22.IPMT & PPMT Formulas
23.Using Lookup Formula
24.Using Vlookup Formula
25.Using Averageif & Averageifs Formulas
26.Using Hlookup Formula
27.Using Rand & Randbetween Formulas
28.Using Future Value Formula
29.Using Formulas, Values, Formats in Paste Special
30.Using Add, Multiply etc. In Paste Special
31.Vlookup Function For Multiple Results
32.Ribbon, Mini Toolbar, Quick Access Toolbar
33.How to Remove Duplicate Data
34.Keyboard Shortcut of Auto Sum
35.How to use Format Painter
36.How to Insert Chart through Shortcut Key
37.How to create Template
38.How to Create Drop Down List
39.How to autofit columns & rows
40.How to Use of Status Bar
41.How to use Whole Number & Decimal Option
42.How to use AutoCorrect option
43.How to use Clipboard
44.How to use Clear Function
45.How to use Date & Time option
46.How to use Custom option
47.How to use Print Titles
48.How to use Go To Function
49.How to protect whole worksheet
50.How to protect file through password
51.How to use Macro