Tally.ERP 9 – Basic


02.Terminology of Accounting – Trade, Profession, Business, Owner, Capital, Drawings, Goods, Purchase, Sales, Purchase Return, Sales Return
03.Terminology of Accounting – Stock, Creditor, Debtor, Liabilities, Assets, Expenses
04.Terminology of Accounting – Revenue, Income, Discount, Bad debts, Transaction, Voucher 
05.Meaning of Account, Classification of Account & Rules of Accounting 
06.Meaning of Journal, Format of Journal 
07.Transactions in Journal Part 1 
08.Transactions in Journal Part 2 
09.Transactions in Journal Part 3
10.Transactions in Journal Part 4
11.Transactions in Journal Part 5
12.Transactions in Journal Part 6
13.How to enter transactions in journal in Tally.ERP9? transactions ki journal entry karna Part 7
14.Start Tally, Company Creation, Quit Tally
15.Open, Shut, Alteration & Delete any Company
16.Meaning of Group & It’s Utility
17.Ledgers Creation
18.Create Multiple ledger, Display, Alter & Delete
19.Inventory Creation
20.Receipt voucher’s entry
21.Entry of Purchase voucher
22.Entry of Purchase voucher & Payment voucher
23.How to do transaction entry of sales voucher & Payment voucher
24.How to do transaction entry of Payment voucher & Receipt voucher
25.How to do transaction entry of contra voucher & purchase voucher
26.How to do transaction entry of Payment, Sales, & Receipt voucher
27.Entry of Payment voucher, Receipt voucher
28.What is Day Book, Add Voucher, Remove & Restore any Entry etc.
29.Transaction in Journal Voucher, Create ledgers during entry
30.Use & See ledgers, use of Duplicate, Remove & Restore all etc. options.
31.Transaction of Purchase Return, Create inventory during voucher entry etc.
32.How to check Inventory
33.Debit Note
34.Transaction of Sales Return
35.Credit Note
36.Use of Cash/Bank books
37.Use of Group Summary
38.Use of Journal Register
39.Trial Balance