MS Powerpoint 2016/13/10


02.How to solve online quiz on MS word, Excel & PowerPoint & download exercise & exercise file
03.How To Create A Presentation, Open & Save A File In MS PowerPoint ?
04.How To Use Cut, Copy & Paste In PowerPoint, Shortcut Keys For Cut, Copy & Paste In Hindi ?
05.Using Find & Replace Options In MS PowerPoint ?
06.How to Insert New Slide, Image, Video, Chart, & Graphics In MS PowerPoint ?
07.How To Apply Or Change Layout Of A Slide & Reset A Slide In PowerPoint ?
08.What Are Sections & How To Separate Slides Into Sections In PowerPoint ?
09.How To Change Font Size & Style In PowerPoint 2016/13/10/07 & Their Shortcut Key ?
10.How To Change Case Of Text & Convert to Capital Or Small Letters In PowerPoint ?
11.How To Change Font Color & Clear Text Formatting In MS PowerPoint ?
12.How To Apply, Create & Save a Theme In MS PowerPoint ?
13.How To Change Size Of A Slide In PowerPoint ?
14.Changing Slide Background & Applying Patterns To Slide Background In PowerPoint ?
15.How To Insert, Crop & Resize An Image in MS PowerPoint ?
16.How To Change Position & Alignment Of Image in MS PowerPoint ?
17.How To Change Style, Size, Color Of A Border Of An Image in MS PowerPoint ?
18.Using Picture Effects & Picture Layout Options in MS PowerPoint ?
19.How To Remove Background, Change Brightness & Color Of An Image in MS PowerPoint ? 
20.Using Artistic Effects, Compress, Change & Reset Picture Options
21.How To Use Commands in PowerPoint Quickly Using Quick Access Toolbar
22.How To Align A Paragraph In Hindi
23.Using Bullets & Numbers To Make A points & Sub points
24.Using Indentation, Paragraph Spacing & Line Spacing Options
25.How To Change Alignment & Direction Of Text & Convert It Into SmartArt In Hindi
26.Make Presentation Like Video With Animation & Sound Effect
27.How To Copy Design/Formatting Of Text, Image Etc. By Format Painter
28.What Is Slider Animation & How To Animate Images Like A Slider
29.How To Run A Slideshow & Use Transitions In Slide
30.How to use clipboard option in PowerPoint ? PowerPoint me clipboard ka upyog kaise kare? (Hindi)
31.How to use Shortcut Menu & Mini Toolbar in MS PowerPoint (Hindi)?
32.How to make text attractive with Word Art and Symbols in PowerPoint ?
33.Checking spellings & finding synonyms in MS PowerPoint 2016/2013/2010/2007 ( Hindi)
34.How to use translate option & search information online using smart lookup
35.How to create handwriting text animation effect in PowerPoint 2016/2013/2010/2007?
36.How to create linear loading animation effect in PowerPoint 2016/2013/2010/2007
37.How to add or delete comments and notes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016/2013/2010/2007?
38.Shortcuts to copy paste image/text, shift bullet points up/down etc. in PowerPoint
39.Insert a table & customize it with different styles, colors etc. Part 1
40.Insert a table & customize it with different styles, colors etc. Part 2
41.How to insert & customize shapes & smartart part 1
42. How to insert & customize shapes & smartart Part 2
43. How to insert and customize a chart in PowerPoint? PowerPoint me chart kaise insert kare?
44. How to insert arrows & copyright icons using a shortcut
45. Shortcut to insert random paragraph, math equation, subscript/superscript in PowerPoint
46. How to change the layout of an inserted table using the Layout tab in MS PowerPoint
47. How to change the view of a presentation, use ruler, gridlines etc. in MS PowerPoint? (Hindi)
48. How to create a master slide in PowerPoint? PowerPoint me master slide kaise banaye?