Tally Prime – GST


1.What is GST ? | GST Introduction | Registration Schemes| Types of Dealer| Types of GST| Tax slab
2.Activate GST in Tally Prime | How to enable GST in Tally Prime | Set GST details in Tally Prime 
3.Intrastate Purchase Voucher Entry with GST in Tally Prime| Purchase with GST|Purchase Intrastate
4.Purchase Entry with GST in Tally Prime | Interstate Purchase Entry| Interstate Purchase with GST
5.Intrastate Sales Voucher Entry with GST in Tally Prime | Sales with GST | Sales Intrastate
6.Sales Voucher Entry in Tally Prime | Cash/Credit Interstate Sales Invoice with GST in TallyPrime
7.Debit Note Voucher Entry in Tally Prime | Purchase Return with GST | Advance Use of Debit Note
8.Debit Note Entry in Tally Prime | Entry of Incentive on Purchase /Correction in Invoice with GST
9.Debit Note Entry with GST in Tally Prime |Tally Prime :Cash Discount Entry in Debit Note Voucher
10.Credit Note in Tally Prime | Sales Return, Discount on Sales & Rate Difference Entries with GST   
11.Credit Note with GST in Tally Prime | Cash Discount Entry | Correction of Wrong Quantity in Bill
12.How to enable GST on Stock Group in Tally Prime| Set/Alter GST Details on Stock Group in Tally
13.Service Purchase & Sales entry with GST in Tally Prime | Service Entries | Enable GST in Ledger
14.Tax Rate Hierarchy in Tally Prime|Set GST Rate on different levels in Tally|Set/Alter GST Details
15.Discount on Sales-Purchase in Tally Prime | Discount Entries with GST | Cash or Trade Discount
16.Set Automatic Rounding Off in Tally Prime|TallyPrime :Round Off Invoice Value & GST Ledger Value
17.Additional Charges in Tally Prime|Packing Charges and Freight with GST in Purchase/Sales Invoice
18.Voucher Type/Voucher Class for Sales Invoice in Tally Prime|Select Automatically GST & Round Off
19.Rate Inclusive of Tax in Sales Invoice in Tally Prime | Sales Voucher Inclusive GST/Tax in Tally
20.Nil Rated, Exempted & Non-GST Supply in Tally Prime|Nil,Exempt and Non-GST Goods Purchase & Sale
21.Purchase from Composition Dealer in Tally Prime|Purchase From Composition Dealer Under GST
22.GST is Not Calculate in Invoice in Tally Prime | GST is Not Auto Calculate in Sales or Purchase 
23.GSTR-1,GSTR-2 and GSTR-3B Reports in Tally Prime |GST Report in TallyPrime|GST Reports in Detail 
24.Uncertain Transaction in TallyPrime|Mismatch in GSTR1,GSTR2 & GSTR 3B|Solve errors in GST Report (Part 1)
25.Mismatch in GSTR1,GSTR2 & GSTR 3B in TallyPrime| Uncertain Transaction|Solve errors in GST Report (Part 2)