Tally Prime – Intermediate


47.How to change Financial Year in Tally Prime | Continue Billing in Next Financial Year
48.Compound Entry in Tally Prime | Record transactions speedily |How to do entries in less time
49.Single and Double Entry Mode in Tally Prime | How to enable Single Entry & Double Entry Mode
50.Security Control in Tally Prime | Set Password | Change Username & Password |Remove Password (Hindi)
51.Create Groups for Ledger in Tally Prime | Account Group Creation | Group Summary in Tally Prime
52.Alternate Unit in Tally Prime |Create / Activate Alternate Unit for Stock Item | Measure 2 Units.
53.Stock Item Compound Unit Creation in Tally Prime, Create Compound Units for Stock, Tally Stock Unit 
54.Alias in Tally Prime |How to Set Alias in ledgers & stock Items(Masters)| Print Alias in invoice
55.Stock Category in Tally Prime | Create Stock Category | Stock Category Summary in Tally prime
56.Godown Creation in Tally Prime |Create and Manage Multiple Godowns|Godown Summary in Tally prime
57.Stock Transfer in Tally Prime | Godown to Godown Stock Transfer in Hindi | Transfer of Material
58.Stock Query in Tally Prime | Stock Item full detail with Purchase & Sales | Stock Query Report
59.Purchase & Sales Register in Tally Prime|Print & Export Sales & Purchase Register in Tally Prime
60.Backup and Restore in Tally Prime | How to take Backup & Restore Data in Tally Prime
61.Bill-wise Accounting in Tally Prime| Methods of  Bill Adjustment|Maintain Bill by Bill Details
62.Bill-wise Accounting in Tally Prime|Methods of Adjustment- New Reference | Use of New Reference
63.Bill-wise Accounting in Tally Prime | Method of Adjustment| Against Reference| Advance Reference
64.Bill-wise Accounting in Tally Prime | Outstanding Report | Receivable and Payable Reports
65.Ageing Analysis Report in Tally Prime | Ageing by Bill Date or Due Date | Bill-wise Accounting
66.Bill-wise Accounting in Tally Prime |On Account in Tally |Method of Bills Adjustment- On Account
67.Print Default Credit Days/Due Date in Sales Invoice in Tally Prime  
68.How to set Credit Limit in Tally Prime |Customers’/Buyers’ Credit Limit |Credit Limit Management
69.Cash Book & Bank Book in Tally Prime | How to check cash & bank balance| Cash & Bank Book Summary
70.Print Sales Bill/Invoice in Tally Prime | Print Setting/Configuration | Report Printing in Tally
71.Print Sales Bill / Invoice in Tally Prime | Print Setting | Print Configuration in Tally Prime
72.Print Multi-Voucher in Tally Prime | Multiple Sales Bill / Invoice Printing in TallyPrime
73.Print Multiple and Single ledger in Tally Prime |Print Group of Account/Group Wise Ledger Report
74.What is GST ? | GST Introduction | Registration Schemes| Types of Dealer| Types of GST| Tax slab
75.Activate GST in Tally Prime | How to enable GST in Tally Prime | Set GST details in Tally Prime
76.Purchase Entry with GST in Tally Prime | Intrastate Purchase Entry |Intrastate Purchase with GST
77.Purchase Entry with GST in Tally Prime | Interstate Purchase Entry| Interstate Purchase with GST
78.Intrastate Sales Voucher Entry with GST in Tally Prime | Sales with GST | Sales Intrastate
79.Sales Voucher Entry in Tally Prime | Cash/Credit Interstate Sales Invoice with GST in TallyPrime